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Friday, 6 April 2012

Bed-wetting Unionists?

Be prepared for Unionists to ask for the Scottish Independence Referendum in Autumn 2014 to be open for voting through the night.

Why? Because it seems the psephologists have discovered a hitherto unknown phenomenon: Unionists prefer voting between midnight and 3.30am.

No, it's not an April Fool. The discovery has come about because of an online poll held by The Scotsman newspaper on whether the Independence Referendum should be brought forward in line with the 'findings' of the UK Government Consultation.

For most of its life, the poll was fairly evenly split with even a slight majority for the 'No' vote, ie. in support of the Scottish Government's timetable. That 'slight majority' being in the region of 20% with 60% supporting the Scottish Government view.

Then just before one o'clock in the morning a strange thing happened. The Unionists woke up. And, with the vote sitting at 6230 for Yes and 4757 for No, they started voting. And the Yes vote went through the roof.

00.50 hours    6230
00.56 hours    6455
00.57 hours    6598
01.00 hours    6749
01.01 hours    Reset to 0
01.03 hours    6904
01.04 hours    6948
01.05 hours    7000
01.06 hours    7108
And on, and on, it went.

By the time the poll closed, it seems around 3.30am, the vote supporting the UK Government/Unionist position had almost doubled in two and a half hours from 6230 to 11608. The votes supporting the Scottish Government timetable had moved from 4757 to 4780.

There could, of course, be some innocent explanation.

(a) Scotsman readers like voting in polls at night.
(b) Some kind of computer malfunction (Note to Scotsman, if there wasn't one, make one up. Quickly.)
(c) There was a pre-printed voting card on the Scottish Labour website and it submitted all the votes at the same time.

Or, (d) None of the above.

Of course, it worked out dandy for the Scotsman. When you're running a poll at the same time as your front page story proclaims 75% want single question on Independence Referendum and 70% want it brought forward, it's always nice when your poll backs those figures up.


  1. I wondered how The Scotsman would respond to comments pointing out the discrepancy between Mickey Moore's claims and the findings of their own poll. I should have realised their natural reaction would be to resort to dishonesty.

  2. The reset to zero tells the story, that could only be done on the data base, no external pattern could account for a reset to zero. Someone with access to the server.

  3. Hmmm, that would be the around the time that, what's his name, Kon, Super Bad, CR7, Rufus or any of the many other identities he takes on does most of his posting. Strange that! Strange also that he/she/it often manages to get first post up BEFORE the article is put on-line. Makes you think.

  4. I wonder if there is such a thing as an expats dark room.?????

  5. Has this been reported to the press complaints commission ?

  6. It's not even competent. If I was going to fix a poll I wouldn't do it all in one go. Idiots

  7. "For most of its life, the poll was fairly evenly split with even a slight majority for the 'No' vote, ie. in support of the Scottish Government's timetable."

    This is actually wrong. For most of the poll's life it was FIRMLY on the "No" side, by a majority of between 20% and 40%. The lowest I ever saw the No vote was 60%.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. It must have been Cybernats voting "yes" to discredit the Scotsman. Everyone knows they're nocturnal!

  10. Bob Duncan at Newsnet Scotland has more evidence of The Scotsman's dishonesty

  11. Amusing I read that once upon a time a news reporter had something that they called integrity,and that it was passed on to the modern journalists but they sold it it for a few coins of gold.Seems that when you take the coins in a trade for your integrity,it is not long before you lose more objects,like honesty and truthfulness.I was so surprised that anybody would want to lose so much for some gold? Cant remember where the gold came from.