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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Celebrating The Holidays

It's probably not considered good blogging practice to have three consecutive posts on the same subject but I am failing in my attempts to laugh off the remarks of Ian Davidson MP in the S30 Order Debate. I truly wish I could do it, easily, in the manner of a dog shaking off fleas. But I can't.

Call me obsessed if you like but when an elected representative from Scotland describes Scots as celebrating the murder of English people, I find it hard to move on.

Especially when, it seems, not one person in the Scottish Labour Party as much as flinches at the use of such language. This then, presumably, is how Scottish Labour see the Scottish people. Little wonder that they don't want such cold-blooded, murdering savages in charge of their own affairs. I'm beginning to see why they hold such entrenched views on the independence referendum if this is the opinion they hold of their ain folk. No responsible politician would allow such people to hold the reins of government in any country.

Except, perhaps, in the US where they actually have a holiday on Independence Day - presumably when, according to Ian Davidson, Americans celebrate the homicidal serial-killing of redcoats. Or maybe in France, where Bastille Day is also a national holiday. One can easily picture French children being taught to rejoice in the blood-letting of the French Revolution. The Honourable Member, I expect, also has no qualms about the people of the United Kingdom celebrating Trafalgar Day (French & Spanish deaths) or the people of Northern Ireland carousing on Orangeman's Day on the graves of Roman Catholics. No, the other people of these islands can be trusted to celebrate a battle and killing in a proper, respectful manner. Unlike in Scotland where June 24th isn't even a high day, never mind a holiday.

Of course, we shouldn't put all the blame on the Labour Party. I've also yet to see anyone in the Liberal Democrat or the Conservative parties react to Davidson's bizarre polemic. It seems, in terms of Scotland, these people really are Better Together.

Neither has a drop of ink or a second of airtime been devoted to the matter by the Scottish media. They seem united in seeing the matter as not worthy of comment - in effect giving their silent blessing to Mr Davidson's version of Scotland. It seems only Nationalists have a problem with this portrayal. This can only mean we are either really thin-skinned - unable to cope with Davidson's own brand of legitimate political rhetoric (check any Scots Dictionary for the definition of a 'doing') or, alternatively, that we alone can be arsed to stand up for the people of Scotland. Particularly when they are denigrated by the Chair of Westminster's Scottish Affairs Committee in a Parliamentary debate with the world watching.

I suspect this is just the Unionist way of showing us how much they love Scotland. After all, they're always telling us patriotism isn't the reserve of Nationalists. This is just tough love. Davidson style. It's the positive case.

I expect no response from the Labour Party. Those of us interested in Scottish politics have seen how they deal with these situations in the past. Nevertheless, as I've posted previously, I've given all MPs in Scotland the chance to respond as individuals. To see if any can exhibit a shred of embarrassment over the remarks. Or, indeed, to disassociate themselves from them. To date, only two have done so. Unsurprisingly, both are SNP parliamentarians. One Labour MP almost got there; "Ian is Ian. I can't control what he says."

It seems the anti-Independence parties have chosen their tactics. They have been joined by the major media in Scotland. Even after the hand-over of S30 powers, they are also now trying to wrench away control of the Referendum process from the Scottish Parliament and decide the ground upon which the battle will be fought. Unfortunately for them, and just like Robert Bruce in 1324, that privilege now lies with the true representatives of the Scottish people.


  1. Ian Davidson signed a motion in Parliament celebrating the Battle of Trafalgar on 20/10/2003

    Obviously it's only Scots who celebrate anniversaries of military and national victories as murder.

    When Britain does it it's as the "high point of an intense 29 month campaign".

    He's a classic example of a man so thoroughly colonised that he regards any expression of Scottish identity as ungrateful and disrespectful to Mother England.

  2. Excellent research, Doug. Puts me to shame.

    Really makes you wonder about the mindset of such people.

    Thanks for the contribution. Good info.

  3. Rather like you, I found it difficult to move away from Davidson's despicable remarks. I wrote a couple of articles on it, and would probably have written more had not an anonymous contributor pointed out that I was only giving the moron more publicity.

    Doug's excellent research (as ever) shows the man up for the sickening, stomach churning cretin he is.

    It has, however, given me the chance to find you blog, to which I will link in my it's not all bad :)

  4. tris,

    Many thanks. I'll certainly reciprocate.